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a range of handpicked, carefully curated yoga and self-care products, classes and courses to help promote self-love and encourage everyone to take more Me Time. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our latest self-care tips and support!

About Us

I'm Alice, self confessed over-thinker, yoga-obssessor and anxious-thought-haver. I've had some ups and downs with mental health over the past few years, and seen how much it can not only affect individuals but the people around us too.

Daily acts of self care are so important, but can often be most difficult when you're not feeling yourself. I wanted to create a space where people could take small steps to support their wellbeing, whether that's through a self-love focused yoga class, a calming aromatherapy oil, or simply starting a conversation about how they feel. Introducing My Self-Care Edit.

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    ​​Access a full library of yoga, meditation, breathwork and self-care activities led by a team of experts. All designed to make it easier for you to take those moments of Me Time.

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    Handpicked, carefully curated products to help promote self-care and encourage everyone to take more Me Time. Great gifts for someone who might be struggling, but equally important acts of self love when you're feeling good to keep those positive vibes going.

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    Looking for a yoga class recommendation? Want help with creating your own self-care plan? Just fancy a natter over a cuppa? I'm always here to talk - get in touch on Instagram or via email at alice@myselfcareedit.com .

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