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Because everything feels better after a cuppa and a chat.

The Kettle Club gift set features an A5 Kettle Club print on 100% recycled FSC heavyweight paper (frame not included), a handmade kettle pin badge with pale pink crochet detail and your choice of a pack of 5 pyramid tea bags.

Choose from...

English Breakfast Tea: strong, robust, full bodied flavour followed with a smooth, elegant finish.

Peppermint Tea: an invigorating tea that always refreshes, whether chilled or steaming. Like a brisk nature walk for the senses. 

Chamomile Blossom: a perfect blend of Chamomile flowers, rose petals and lavender buds. It’s the perfect ‘pick-me-up’ drink with sweet floral notes and hints of green apple.

Honeydew Green: This blend takes pure green tea and combines it with honeydew pieces & natural apricot flavour to create a tea that has all the healthy aspects of green tea with one big plus – it tastes deliciously refreshing.

Malabar Chai: a black tea of spicy & complex body, with a deliciously smooth finish. The superior flavour is due to superior ingredients including pure black tea, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, star anise, rose petals, ginger & chai flavour.

All of the teas consist of expertly grown, hand-picked tea leaves, ethically sourced and treated with care, and the tea bags are made from compostable plant based materials.

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