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Sun Wellness Gift Box

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Our SUN Wellness Gift Box has been curated to rejuvenate + energise. Containing our SUN Clay Face Mask, SUN Candle + PEACE bath salts. The perfect wellness gift to yourself or a loved one.

Vegan. Organic. Hand crafted in the UK. 

Clay Face Mask: Our SUN Clay Face Mask combines French Yellow clay + Organic Turmeric powder for glow and rejuvenation of the skin. The SUN mask contains at least 10 face masks. Directions: Simply mix 1 tbsp of face mask + 1 tbsp of water or plant milk and apply to face leaving to dry for ten minutes, gently remove with warm water. 

Candle: Lime, Basil + Mandarin. Our SUN candle has been formulated as an ode to life energy. Honouring the sacred masculine, nourishing, replenishing, yang, strength, growth + fire. 

Scent notes: Subtle/ light/ fruity. Top notes of lime + orange zest, heart of geranium + thyme and base notes of moss + patchouli. 

250g Natural vegan soy wax candle set in amber glass jar with aluminium lid. 40Hr Burning time.

Bath Salts: A detoxifying blend of Himalayan bath salts + organic lavender oil, formulated to bring a sense of calm to your soak.  A PEACE ionic salt bath will support relaxation, detoxification, re-mineralisation of the body + restful sleep.