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Lessons From The Moon Clay Decoration

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Share in some little lessons from the moon with this handmade clay hanging decoration, complete with 'Lessons' backing card.

Lessons include...


The moon begins a new cycle about every 29.5 days. It journeys through its different phases only to start everything all over again. The moon’s continuous rebirth is a reflection of how often life grants us new beginnings.


The phases of the moon are called phases for a reason. Because of its rotation and position, the moon never looks same and is constantly entering a different stage. Like the phases of the moon, know that everything you experience will pass, both the highs and the lows. Enjoy the highs, and know that the lows won't last forever.


The moon's surface is full of craters, rough patches, and is nothing but dry terrain. And yet the moon always looks stunning in the night sky, not in spite of but because of its imperfections.


Reflecting the light of the sun, the moon offers us a light that illuminates the darkness. No matter how black the night seems, it continues to shine on. Like the moon, draw from whatever light source you can. Be a beacon for others.


Colour: pale peachy pink


Dimensions: this moon decoration is approx 62mm x 24mm x 6mm excluding hanger - please note every decoration is made by hand so sizes may vary.