Autumn Retreat

Welcome to this at-home Autumn Retreat! Scroll down to explore the different sessions and resources to help you find some lovely autumn calm and grounding. If you have any questions, you can reach out via Instagram or Facebook @myselfcareedit or email


Woodland Walk meditation

This meditation can be done seated or lying down, wherever you are most comfortable. The meditation will guide your through a visualisation, gently encouraging you to find some inner stillness and calm.

You can light your Woodland Walk tealights before you start the meditation for added atmosphere, or try it without candles - it’s entirely up to you.

We recommend playing this video on a low volume, so that you can let your imagination and awareness take over. Sit back, relax and enjoy...


Grounding Yoga Flow

Connect to some gorgeous grounding energy with this relaxing yoga class. You don't need any previous experience or any special equipment. You might want to have a blanket and a yoga block or stack of books nearby, but this is completely optional. Set up a nice calm space, press play and relax...


Relaxing Playlist

Click here to access a relaxing Spotify playlist - pop on your face mask, settle down somewhere cosy and press play. Feel your body and mind unwind.