Winter Forest Meditation and Pulse Point Gift Set

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Slow things down with this gorgeous meditation set, including a Deep Forest Pulse Point Roll On, a mini print (in a choice of Time to Unwind or Choose Your Own Path) and access to a recorded Winter Forest guided meditation - the perfect gift set to bring a little more calm and quiet to the body and mind.

The pulse point roll on is a strong blend of woody, earthy scents; roll onto pulse points to feel more connected and grounded. We’ve combined four clever oils to capture that true forest bathing experience… Soothing and calming Vetiver is the star of the show; its earthy, smoky scent leaves you feeling grounded and at peace. Fir needle brings a healthy dose of freshness to stimulate and revive the senses. This wonderfully versatile oil with Its woody, earthy aroma is both grounding and elevating.